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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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Video playlists for each chapter:
Chapter 2: The Nuclear Past and Present: Structures of Nuclear Power
Chapter 3: Musicians in the Antinuclear Movement: Motivations, Roles, Risks
Chapter 4: Cyberspace: Playback and Participation
Chapter 5.1: Music in Demonstrations: Datsu Genpatsu Suginami, February 2012
Chapter 5.2: Emergence of Sound Demonstrations (Before 2011)
Chapter 5.3: The Evolution of Performance Style in Antinuclear Demonstrations (Post-3.11)
Chapter 5.4: Urban Geography, Music, and Protest
Chapter 6: Political Music Festivals: History, No Nukes, No More Fuckin' Nukes, Atomic Cafe, Project Fukushima
Chapter 7: Recordings: Allegories, Metaphors, Metonyms
Chapter 8: Coda; Carryover to Anti-Secrets Law/Security Bill Demonstrations