33-1/3 Japan

I serve as the Series Editor for the new 33-1/3 Japan Series at Bloomsbury Publishing. The book is patterned after Bloomsbury's 33-1/3 series. Our first few books are:

  • Perfume's GAME by Patrick St. Michel 
  • Supercell(Hatsune Miku) by Keisuke Yamada 
  • Yoko Kanno's Cowboy Bebop by Rose Bridges
  • Cornelius's Fantasma by Martin Roberts

The board of 33-1/3 Japan includes Marié Abe, Michael Bourdaghs, Shelley Brunt, Kevin Fellesz, Akitsugu Kawamoto, Yoshitaka Mōri, Dexter Thomas, and Christine Yano. 

To submit a proposal for the Japan series, please fill out this form and send it to the email address at the bottom-right corner of my home page. Please include a sample chapter and a CV. For inquiries, please send me an email.