Noriko Manabe's Publications

Books (authored)

  • Revolution Remixed: A Typology of Intertextuality in Protest Songs. Oxford University Press, under contract. 
Books (edited)
  • Oxford Handbook of Protest Music, co-edited with Eric Drott. Under contract.
  • Nuclear Music: Sonic Responses to War, Disaster, and Power, co-edited with Jessica Schwartz. Oxford University Press, under contract.   
  • 33-1/3 Japan, series editor, Bloomsbury Press. Under contract.

                    Books published or under contract:

    • Supercell (Hatsune Miku) by Keisuke Yamada
    • Yoko Kanno's Cowboy Bebop by Rose Bridges
    • Perfume's GAME by Patrick St. Michel
    • Cornelius’s Fantasma by Martin Roberts 
    • AKB48 by Patrick Galbraith and Jason Karlin

Peer-reviewed journals

  • “Globalization and Japanese Creativity: Adaptation of Japanese Language to Rap.” Ethnomusicology 50/1 (Winter 2006): 1-36. Analyzes the interaction of Japanese prosody, rhythms, and rhymes in rap. Abstract
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 Shorter articles in journals

  • “Music as Data in the Twenty-First Century.” In “Forum: Defining Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Music,” ed. David Clarke, Twentieth-Century Music. Invited submission; in press. 

Chapters in edited volumes 

  • La musique dans le mouvement antinucléaire japonais après Fukushima: quatre espaces de manifestation.” Politiques des musiques populaires au XXIe siècle, ed. Elsa Grassy and Jedediah Sklower, 161–186. Saffré, France: Éditions Seteun, 2016. Peer reviewed.

Chapters in conference proceedings
Blog posts.


Encyclopedia Entries

  • "Hip-Hop, Japan" and "DJ Krush." In Pop Culture in Asia and Oceania, ed. Jeremy Murray and Kathleen M. Nadeau, 20–24. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2016.