Princeton University

Department of Music:

  • Departmental Representative, 2012–2013.
    • Instructor of Record, Junior Seminar, Fall 2012.
    • Author, Guide to Independent Research in Music, 2013. 
    • Adviser to first JP, twelve juniors, Fall 2012. 
    • Freshmen Orientation Meeting, September 10, 2012.
    • Freshmen Open House, September 11, 2012. 
    • Organizer, Major Choices Event for Freshmen and Sophomores, November 28, 2012.
    • Sophomore Open House, April 6, 2013. 
  • Search Committee, Assistant Professor of Musicology, 2010–11. 
  • General examinations for Ph.D. candidates, 2009–Present. 
  • Admissions, Music Ph.D. program, 2009–Present.
  • Music theory examinations for Ph.D. candidates, 2010–Present.
  • Dissertation proposal defenses, 2009–2010.
  • Examination of dissertation defenses 
    Colloquium organization:
    • Organizer, Colloquia Series on Nonwestern Music, Princeton Department of Music, with graduate students, Spring 2010–Present.
    • Organizer, Colloquia Series on Popular Music, Princeton Department of Music, with with graduate students, Spring 2010–Present.

    Conference organization:

    Concert organization:

    • Organizer, World Percussion Concert Series, 2014–15.
    • Organizer, concert, Kaoru Watanabe Ensemble, November 27, 2012.
    • Primary organizer, artist's talk and concert, DJ Krush, March 25, 2011.
    • Organizer, "Kenny Endo and Kaoru Watanabe: Conversations in Japanese Taiko," November 15, 2010.
    • Organizer, "Katachi: The Shape of Sounds in Silence," performance of Japanese taiko drums and flute with Kaoru Watanabe and Barbara Merjan, February 9, 2010.

    Other departments and programs:

    • Executive Committee, Program in American Studies.
    • Associated Faculty, Department of East Asian Studies.
    • Affiliated Faculty, Program in Latin American Studies.

    Student activities:

    • Faculty adviser, Princeton Tora Taiko, 2011–Present.

    Academic societies and other service

    Editorial/Peer Review

    • Editorial Board, Twentieth-Century Music, 2013–Present (appointed)
    • Contributing editor, Asia-Pacific Journal, 2014–Present (appointed)
    • Review board, National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 2015 (asked and declined)
    • Peer review for Ethnomusicology, Latin American Music Review, Music Analysis, Yearbook for Traditional Music, Twentieth-Century Music, Popular Music.

    • Chair, Investment Committee, Society for Ethnomusicology, 2009–Present (appointed); Member, 2003–Present
    • Member, Program Committee, Society for Music Theory, 2015–Present (appointed)
    • Member, Investment Committee, Society for Music Theory, 2012–2015 (appointed)
    • Council Member, Society for Ethnomusicology, 2010–2013 (elected)
    • Executive Committee, Music Department, CUNY Graduate Center, 2006–2008 (elected)
    • Secretary, Middle Atlantic Chapter, Society for Ethnomusicology, 2006–2007 (elected)
    • Board Director, Endowment Chair, Dessoff Choir, 2005–2006 (elected)

    Professional affiliations
    • Society for Ethnomusicology
    • Society for Music Theory
    • Japan Association for the Study of Popular Music
    • Association for Asian Studies
    • International Association for the Study of Popular Music