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Use of devices from Verdi, particularly La Traviata, and Afro-Cuban techniques in depicting mixed-blooded heroines (mulatas) in Cuban musical theater. Social reasons for fascination with mulatas.

  • “Lovers and Rulers, the Real and the Surreal: Harmonic Metaphors in Silvio Rodríguez’s Songs”

Discusses the Cuban trovador’s use of certain harmonic devices to depict affects in four stages of his career.


Ongoing project examining the impact of cell phone and internet technologies on record companies, consumer behavior, and the music market.

The Cuban son as interpreted by Guillén, then reinterpreted by three Cuban composers in the 1930s.

Violetta-Germont duet as a turning point in keys and motives in the Verdi opera.


  • “Globalization and Japanese Creativity: Adaptation of Japanese Language to Rap.”

Analyzes the interaction of Japanese prosody, rhythms, and rhymes in rap.

Revised version following field work in Japan:


Earlier versions:

    • MIDSEM, March, 2005, Bowling Green, OH.
    • MACSEM, March, 2005, College Park, MD.

Winner, Hewitt Panteleoni Prize

  • “Caracterización musical de femme fatales mestizas en las zarzuelas cubanas.”
  • “Don Giovanni’s Elvira: Analysis of the Evolution of a Mezzo Carattere”

Discusses the evolution of the tragicomic aspects of Elvira character from the Molière play to the Bertati-Gazzaniga opera to the Da Ponte-Mozart masterpiece, as expressed in the drama and the music.


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